Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is a Sin, Always a Sin?

Is a Sin a Sin because it is against Gods Law, in which case we are all sinners and can only be saved by Gods grace alone? Or is what makes a sin a sin based off of the reasons why? Nephi Murdered Laban in order for a generation to not dwindle in unbelief. Soldiers follow orders and even make orders that kill people, if they don’t pull the trigger themselves, Captain Moroni Led his people in the defense of Liberty. Does the reasons why you commit, what others see as, sin have an influence on the nature of that sin? If not should we just bury our weapons of war like the people of Ammon? Or should we stand and fight even if it is the second greatest sin?

Does this principle of the mentality behind sin apply to homosexuality? Is it really a sin to have sex with a Man who is your temporal husband but not celestial? Conversely would it be a sin for me to have sex with a woman who was my temporal wife but not my celestial one? What then is the “sin?” it is obviously not the marriage bed, but the physical act of same gender sex. Would your mentality, you reasons behind the Sin, to raise a family perhaps, negate the “sin?”


  1. So to ur question about marriage outside a temple marriage and sex can be answered in Hebrews 13...

    Usually i don't give bible references, i find it a little... nevermind

  2. This is one of the paradoxical things about Mormon theology and the Church that propagates it. The Church is an increasingly authoritarian corporation and its American members apparently very socially conservative, yet its theology is actually a lot more "flexible" and, dare I say it, potentially morally relativistic, than most of "mainstream" Christianity or the cultural attitudes of its members.

    Your second paragraph's conclusion is correct, that the Church would say the "sin" is the physical act of same gender sex, not "sanitizable" by a civil law marriage, and I suspect the motivations wouldn't matter. Ultimately the Church's argument on this comes down to "because God said so."

    And of course the real pain and difficulty arises when the Church insists that, despite their good faith inability to live within the only kind of marital covenant currently made in the temple, its gay members must not even avail themselves of the comforts of a civil marriage either if it involves a same-sex spouse. They must remain celibate and lonely all their lives in hopes of . . . well, what? Being turned into and given later what they can't imagine ever wanting? If they can't qualify for a temple marriage anyway, why rub salt in the would and deny them any happiness at all in this life? Makes little sense to me.

  3. Honey, you over think things. If you want to stay in your church stay and live how you want. You obviously think your church is wrong about gays and all that jazz so why not just ignore the bad to get the good of it? If you are so sure God in heaven thinks youre right on this than maybe you should stop trying to change what other people think and be happy you know the truth.

  4. I think that sometimes people (myself included) mistakenly envision God as some faraway scorekeeper up in heaven holding a thick black sharpie, poised to make an ugly mark on white canvas whenever we make a mistake. But that's not who He is. I believe that he considers our hearts, our motivations, our intentions, as well as outward acts.