Saturday, May 9, 2009

Graduation, Trekking, and Punksatony Phil

So Here I am at 4:00 AM blogging, hah! but i figured I needed to capture the days events and document them so ere I go. Last night, I went to bed at 3:00 AM because I was nervous about graduation today. So I have to get up at 6 so that I can get ready and be there on time (turns out I was 30 minutes early!) So I get there, meet up with some friends and go in and listen to the commencement ceremony, our speaker was David McCullough. While talking amongst my friends there, we decided that we should go and see Star Trek latter that night. Then Immediately commencement, I had my college's graduation where I walk and that one was good. I then went to Lunch with my dad and had a good time there. After lunch I came home to see my mom and say hi to her. then, with a massive headache I took a nap. I then got up about 5-530 and my family wanted to have dinner so we went to Hires and ate and then I left to go meet up with some of my college buddies and watch Star Trek. It was way so good! Drew, I do get the time travel stuff, but maybe it is because I am a Gerd (Gay + Nerd). BTW, the Russian character was way so cute and his accent, Cest Magnifique! So after Star Trek, My fellow Gay friend (we will call him Steve) and I went to grab some coffee and meet his friend (whom we will call George) While there, I had my first taste of coffee ever and... we lets just say I am not going to ever get a mocha again. Well While we were talking, George and Steve convinced me to come to the club with them at least for a bit, after all, it is graduation night, I can party.
So we went and parked and walked into the club. While there, I saw someone I recognized from Texas and he and I talked for a little bit, interesting story there for a latter date. At about 12:45 I figured I should head out, I had been there about 1.5 hours and was calling it a night. SO I went back to my car andgo to unlock it and discover that my key hole was misaligned, I eventually unlock my door and the light doesn't turn on. I fumble for the light turn it on and see that my entire dash has been ripped out. Well the plastic facade at least. My glove box was open, the Stereo was still there, my camera, nothing was really stolen, but the dash was missing. So I try to urn on my car, and discover that the steering column is locked and the key won't turn forward at all.
Someone tried to steal my car! So I called the Cops (wh did pretty much nothing) Called insurance (hopefully on monday will do something) called a towing company who came by after about 45 minutes. This guy looks at my truck and trys to fix it but cant and so tows me home. His name was phil and he was a "country boy" hence the Punksatony reference. A part of me hopes that when the insurance people come by Monday morning, that they deem the damages significant enough to deem totaled and I can get a new car. Likelyhood is that the new steering column will cost me upwards of $700 with a $200 detucible. I just got home 15 20 minutes ago and figured I would sent this out to the blogosphere. I needed to write it down and when I came home the adrenaline kicked back in.
All in All, this has been my best graduation day. (totally not a joke I have horror stories) :(


  1. Someone tried to steal my car!OHMYGOSH!!! I can only imagine how violated you must be feeling.

    I had my first taste of coffee ever and... we lets just say I am not going to ever get a mocha again:)

    Reminds me of the days before I joined the LDS church. I used to have to put so much cream and sugar in coffee that my parents would tease me asking if I wanted a little coffee in my cream.

  2. Wow, quite a day! But overall, very positive. The car can be taken care of. But how many people get to graduate college and watch Chris Pine for two hours on the same day? Not bad, I'd say . . .

  3. Congrats on graduating...but that sucks about the car.

  4. Congratulations, David! I hope you will find some good excuses to return to the campus which embraced you and nurtured you in this achievement. I'm also putting in my request that you post a picture of you in your cap and gown. It's a shame that someone tried to steal your car, but do be glad that you have graduated from an institution that won't try to nullify your diploma because of something you publish or how often you go to church.

  5. Congrats! And I TOTALLY know what you mean about accents. ;)

  6. Steve....... I'm offended. lol. But hey look at all the firsts you did that night. First college graduation, first time drinking coffee, first time to Utah clubs, first time gotten broken in to. It should be memorable.