Sunday, December 21, 2008

About Me

I am David. I am 19. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am Gay. I enjoy the values and principles of the Gospel. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs or live promiscuously. I have a dry and very random sense of humor. I Love CS Lewis as he is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom that has guided my life at times. I love reading. I enjoy Orson Scott Card, Hugh Nibley, Tolkien, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer and pretty much everything else I get my hands on. I have only not finished 3 books in my lifetime after starting them. They are The Work and the Glory, The Garrity Test, and The Golden Compass. I have since read the Golden Compass, but the others remain unread. Admitedly I haven't read all of my school textbooks. I follow a lot of random TV Shows, Heroes, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Chuck, Smallville, House and Numb3rs. I have a brain like a computer, I can recal the most trivial information ad nauseum and yet when you need to find something specific it takes a little while. I Love Musicals and if I had more confidence and less concern for financial stability would try to pursue a carreer in singing and acting. I am an avid Fencer and have competed on the national level and at the Junior Olympics. At one point I thought I wanted to spend my life in the Air Force Intelligence. I once passed out 9 times in 18 months with the best explination being acid reflux. I was onced suspended in 5th grade for giving another student a paperclip. I was expelled from High School one week before graduation, but was still able to graduate and walk for graduation, but I couldn't sing with my choir. I have an eclectic mix of Music on my iPod because I don't really like bands. I think that outside of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, no band has ever produced more than 7 or 8 great songs. So I seek out those songs and enjoy them, with little or no love for the band. I have only been to one rock concert and that was 6 months ago. I moved 9 times before I was 16, 6 of those before I was 7. I want to have kids someday. Kids that I can raise in the gospel of the Lord and watch in fear and anxiety as they grow up and face there own problems. Although I know I could be, I am not afraid of being bashed. I have never had hair longer than a missionary haircut until now. I love Dancing. I can Fake my way through most conversations. People turn to me for advice on crazy random things, relationships, counseling, philosophy and religion and I have given it out for so long that I think that I might be decent at it. I feel like a 24 year old stuck inside a 19 year old body. I wish respect was given regardless of age. I believe in meritocracy not nepotism. I enjoy Sun Tzu, Musashi, Macheavelli and Marx. In a past life I lived in the 19 twenty's and died of influenza in the 1930's. In another past life, I took part in the crusades. I love ancient civilizations. I love technology. I marvel at the fact that we have access to more information on a 2 GB flash drive than was house in the Library of Alexandria, and that if we had 25 GB's we would have more information than Jefferson had access to throughout his entire life. I have crappy handwritting and my typing skills aren't that much better. My life is housed on my computer, but if it blew up as well as any other hardware I owned, I would be OK becasue I compute in the Cloud. I will have completed 8 years of school in 6 by skipping my senior and freshmen years of High school and college respectfully. I am known to over extend a point even though I myself hate it. So that is me in a nutshell, Fell free to ask me anything because I feel that I am pretty open and tolerant to most any question and if I am not, you will never know.



  1. I have two things I want to say:

    1 - I love how random this post is.

    2 - I LOVE what you named this blog. The Magicians Nephew is my favorite book of all time. Seriously, it is the best!

  2. Hey, sir! It was good meeting you at the moho event the other day! Hopefully we can keep in touch!