Saturday, December 13, 2008

Archaic Internet Superstitions

This is one thing I really Hate. When people assume that because of their age they know more about everything than someone obviously younger than them. That said, Here is the Story:

I am sitting here in the public atrium of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, A place that offers free Wi-Fi, tables, a cafe, and an overall great place to work on my research paper. I have been here for about two and a half hours with my laptop plugged into a power source right next to me, and connected to their free internet. I am pounding away looking at different topics, while rocking out to my iTunes, when all of a sudden a security guard comes over to me and immediately thratens to remove me from the atrium if I do not unplug my laptop. Me, being the social rebel I am have to know why, so I ask her, here is her response. "If you have your laptop connected to our power, then you will overload or system... with a virus" It took all I had not to bust out laughing when she was afraid of me transmitting a virus to the Smithsonian institute through my power cord. Now that I know the reason for such assinine rules as to why I can't have my power for my macbook, I try to fight it. I try to explain to her that it is physically impossible to overload her system by being connected to a power source. that in order for a virus to be transmitted all I would need would be to connect to their free wi-fi and hack my way in past their lacking security. She is not ammused with my logic and decides to raise her voice, during a choir performance i might add, to say "Look I am not going to argue with you, all I know is that you will crash our system if you stay plugged in, so you either unplug right now, Or you leave now." Seeing that this will not get me anywhere, I unplug and get back to work. But of course, this is not the end of the story.
about 3 minutes later, the security captain and his second come over and tell me that I can't be pluged into their power system. I explained to him that I understood their archaic concerns and that was why I was still unplugged and had not plugged back in. I decided to try my logc case once more on this higher ranking official explaining that the reason I was given was that I would crash their system with a virus through my power cord and how that was an impossibillity. His response was true to form. "Well actually that's not why, It is because there are so many little children running around that we don't want them to trip and hurt themselves over your powercord." ( My cord was plugged into the wall that I had my chair against and so impossible for anyone to trip over) This one got me and I really wanted to argue further, but I could see their contempt for my youth and I knew that they would not listen to what I say so I put in my headphones and got back to work. I find it ironically hillarious that in America, the Meritocracy that we are, everyone is so ignorant to everyone elses position because we all see that we are the absolute fountain of knowledge. I know that I fall into this category often, but in this case I obviously knew more about the physicall limits on viruses being transmitted through power cords and yet I was ignored and discriminated because of my apperance. Well my paper calls and so I shall leave you with this nugget of knowledge.
"Any kind of royalty, however modified, any kind of aristocracy, however pruned, is rightly an insult." Mark Twain


  1. i understand completely! Just because i'm young, doesn't mean that i'm inferior to you!

    1. No, you are inferior because you do not capitalize the word I.