Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Juxtaposition of the Future

Don't you just love it when two completely random occurrences happen right next to each other, or one right after another? Today while at the Grocery store, I was waiting in line to check out. Directly in front of me was this woman, shopping with her three kids. Being typical kids, they were being rebellious and jumping on things and asking pretty please if they could get a soda. I love kids. I want to have kids of my own someday. Seeing this family for some odd reason hit me a little bit with that desire. Then directly in front of her and her kids, was a gay couple. They were reserved and not drawing attention to themselves, but I could see it. That is the other thing that I want in Life. I want to be in a loving relationship with kids, or looking to have kids in the future. And there, right in the grocery store were both of my desires standing directly in front of me, so palpable that I wanted to reach out and grab a hold of my desires. I don't know how my family will take it when I tell them that I plan on getting married to the man of my dreams and raise a family with him, so I shall hold off on that for now. It isn't really a great Christmas present for them. It just strikes me sometimes how often we see what we want right in front of us.

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