Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My teacher is like Kanye West. He thinks everyone is a racist.

I hate Manure colored glasses because they make everything you see look crappy. So to do the glasses of American Racism that oversimplifies the actions of America into a racist act. Case in Point is my Asian American Politics class which we went through most of the laws that ended Asian Immigration which the main cause behind was racism (according to the teacher) Each of these laws were multi-faceted issues that did have other reasons for existing as well and were not meant to be racist in its entirety. Those I didn’t argue with because they are highly subjective. But when our teacher said the only reason we gave the Philippines control and sovereignty was because we wanted to get all of the Pilipinos out of the Nation so that American’s could get jobs. My teacher would not even listen to my claim that it was a multi-faceted act that might have had racism as one of its facets, but that racism was not the core of the issue. Needless to say I was shot down and have hence decided that just as when you see things differently after removing your ski-goggles, you can see the world differently when you take off your racist glasses.

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