Friday, January 9, 2009

Bittersweet Ad Campaign

So I don't have the clearest skin and when I saw a facebook add for "Emily's Acne" a mixture of acne treatments created by a mom, I clicked the link. I started to read it and the first line said "My name is Emily Baker – I live in West Jordan, UT and I want to tell you how I finally managed to get rid of my acne so I didn’t have to be embarrassed anymore." Then the site goes on to describe her "testimonial" about how she has had horrible acne and has tried a bunch of different products and then decided to try these two products together and now she is free and clear. As I was reading I was starting to get fooled, but then I thought of something that struck me as odd. I thought, What are the chances of Emily Baker actually being from West Jordan, UT. I mean of all the gin joints in the world she lives in the town that I am currently in? So I pull up my trusty IP address anonymity tool and now my IP address is from NY. I reload the page and Low and Behold, Emily Baker lives in New York now! Congratulations on that quick move Emily. This experience is bittersweet to me because at least some company realized the potential for using "Sconets" Social Networking Sites to advertise, but then they had the idiocy to believe that those who used socnets, would not see their BS. I mean come on how many of us used the internet and wikipedia to BS on our last essay? on any essay in high school or college. We are the kings of BS and as you know, "you can't bulls**t a bulls**ter" I have also confirmed the scam of this site through other means and if you want to know more just Google Emily's acne if you haven't already clicked the first link
PS, She lives in West Jordan again, she is one quick mover.
PPS, Yes I might be considered racist for the tip off that she wasn't from West Jordan be evidenced by her pictures.


  1. Wow! She moved all the way to Evans, GA right outside of the base here! She must be so busy with all of the acne cream making and the moving and all!

  2. I know that this a little bit to late and kinda of a coincidence, but São Joao da Madeira is actually in Portugal in the District of Aveiro, and not in the US. So yeah, it was probably a scam. Someone using a a fake IP.