Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is it easier to ask for Forgiveness or Permission?

I am so glad that I troll blogs these days because I found this earlier this morning about Gay Marriage.

Nate Silver, the Amazing Stats genius who informed us that each State will have the votes to overturn a Gay Marriage ban and legalize it by 2019 has come out with a new post regarding how we can get, as of August 2008, a 63% approval for Gay marriage. All we have to do is change the wording from “will you allow government to give Gay’s the right to marry” to “will you allow the government to prohibit what should be a private matter?” By making this change, our polling numbers jumped by about 20 points. If that same increase was applied today, after SO much media attention, I think the rate would be closer to 65-70% that will support Gay Marriage.

After all, The states that have allowed gay marriage through the Supreme Court have stated that it already exists as a right and the State has no right to take that away from us. We need to fight not for our right to marry, but to protect that right from the Government who has taken that away.

I don’t know how this would change an LDS perspective regarding Gay Marriage, but I do think that it could help turn the tide in Idaho and possibly Utah because of the countless libertarian fiends that these states posses who would be all for a “Get government out” of marriage debate.

What do you guys think of this?


  1. I think that once people realize that government involvement in families is bad for everyone, gay or straight, you'll see more support for gay marriage. For some reason people aren't connecting the dots to that somehow.

  2. I think this just illustrates one of the many problems with polling.

  3. Great question. It would be fascinating to know what Utahns and Idahoans are more afraid of: gay marriage or gov't involvement. I'd say it's a toss-up. :D

  4. @Faithful Dissident: Yeah, toss-up, but I'd say eventually they'd fear gay marriage more, because that fear is more irrational and pseudo-theology based, whereas if they actually thought about it, most of them are getting all kinds of benefits from state & federal governments already which they'd probably rather not give up. Self-interest would prevail over prejudice and fear.

  5. I completely agree with El Genio in this one, it just shows how poll wording can lead people one way or another.. but not change their point of view.