Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Dream Line

The following is a list of things I would like to accomplish with my Life. They are listed in no particular order except the order that they have come to me since I thought about writing this list. I plan to accomplish all of these things at some point in my life. There is no deleting from this list, only adding, no editing, only accomplishing. I encourage everyone to write such a list of their desires, hopes and dreams and refer to it daily to see what you have done that day to reach one of your goals.

1) Become fluent in at least these seven languages;
a) Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic and Hindi.
2) Participate as an athlete in the Olympics
3) Skydive
4) Scuba Dive
5) Base Jump
6) Own and read the entire set of the Classics of the Western World
7) Become a massage therapist
8) Attend Graduate school in History
9) See the World, starting with;
a) India, China, Egypt, Greece, Italy, England, Germany, Machu Pichu, Teotihuacán, Istanbul, Mecca, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
10) Drive on the Autobahn
11) Own an Austin Martin DBS
12) Become a professional Photographer
13) Work for a cruise line
14) Swim 10 miles in one day
15) Run a Marathon
16) Bike Logan to Jackson Hole (LOTOJA) or similar bike route
17) Obtain and read the entire CS Lewis Collection
18) Write a book
19) Meet the President of a Nation
20) Meet the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
21) Visit all of the Smithsonian museums
22) Sing on a professional stage
23) Create a YouTube channel, Blog and Facebook page to document my Bucket list activities
24) Learn to play piano effectively
25) Meet with Thomas Friedman and discuss Globalization
26) Swim the English Channel
27) Swim the Panama Canal (if possible)
28) Visit all 50 states
29) Perform in a play on a major stage
30) Obtain first editions of the Chronicles of Narnia
31) Secure the financial well being of one of my true friends
32) Learn to Snowboard
33) Go Hang Gliding

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  1. there's a flow here, you have to be Muslim to visit Mecca.