Saturday, August 30, 2008

DC Life

So here I am, a 19 year-old Senior from the University of Utah after one week in DC, what do I think about it, well, I say that DC Rocks my Socks! I am Loving it here, I work for Fresenius Medical Care of North America in their Government Relations Office with 3 other people. I live at the Consulate Apartments off of the Van Ness Metro stop. Here are some Photos of my room.

Our Family Room
My Bedroom

I have spent this week at work doing everything, from simple office slave, to receptionist, to copy boy, to courier to researcher, to IT guy and to Assistant Lobbyist. My Boss is Great and she likes me in fact she said "David I don't know what I'd do without you." After only 3 days of work. She has already hinted at the possibility of a job and I might be willing to take her up on it.

My Room Mate is Mitch Dumke, from SLC, an RM from Calgary who is working for Reuters.

My two other flatmates are JJ Vandette, from the World, a traveling man who works for the Department of Energy, and Tyler Anderson, from Park city who is working with the Foreign Affairs Committee.

We all went to a Nationals Game last Tuesday and it was great, here are a couple of photos from there.
Here is the View from 3rd Base, quite an impressive stadium.

Here is the Giant scoreboard from the other side of the stadium, high quality crisp screen.

I have done a lot in my first week, and will put up more at a later date. From the experiences my first week, I have come to learn that DC will challenge me, and that it will be a great opportunity for soul searching.

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