Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One of the primary reasons I supported Romney was because of his economic prowess--something that would be invaluable today given the state of our economy. This Op-Ed, published this morning by the New York Times, and which has been a major topic of discussion today, represents well the thorough knowledge base Romney has of socio-economic matters.

Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

I think that in this era of economic downturn that Romney would have been the better man for the Economy than Obama, while I think Obama has succeeded in restoring our national image which I think is another huge issue that I care deeply about. All in all, I think that Obama could become a great president and is planning on surrounding himself with great people to help him rebuild and retool our nation for the times ahead. I agree with Romney, that Detroit needs to be retooled, remanaged by an entirely new group of people from a different field, however I think that the new management would require some money to stay afloat in the interum and them staying afloat will help keep American jobs.

Wouldn't it be great if Obama had the bipartisanship to appoint Mitt Romney to the position of Secretary of the Treasury? I mean it really is what Mitt has made his company out of. Taking defunct budgets and retooling them to yield higher profits, which in this case, means better services for the American people.

So Mr. President, do what is needed and ignore party lines, You want someone who disagrees with you why not pick one of the GOP candidates who can help America better than anyone I know.

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