Monday, October 13, 2008

Open Source Philanthropy with a deadline

Many of you know about which is a United States based nonprofit organization that provides a way for people to donate directly to specific projects at public schools which is where i believe the most good can be done.

Members Project is a program from American Express to award 1.5 million dollars to the charity that it's members choose in a contest. The contest ends today and so i need your help to make donorschoose, which is in the top five, gain the last 2000 votes it needs to gain 1.5 million dollars to invest in Education.

One click here today can give 100,000 students $1.5 million for education. Each of us has that one influential teacher who touched our lives. Imagine if more teachers had the reasorces to touch other's lives. Click and you can help them. But do it before midnight tonight because that is when the contest ends.

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